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Kaleidoscope's Early Intervention Program

We will revert within 1 business day. We highly recommend scheduling a visit to meet with our Clinic Manager or Program Director, to best understand your family’s unique needs and explain our EIP’s benefits, excellence and uniqueness.

Meet The RLG Team

Judith Ramos-Guerrero

Program Director

Judith Ramos-Guerrero (M.Ed) is our Early Intervention Program Director with a BSc in Occupational Therapy and double Masters in Special Education and Early Childhood Education. She started her pediatric practice in 1998 and has worked in different settings from hospital, homes, clinics and schools across different countries (United States, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore).

Kaleidoscope’s Early Intervention Program (EIP) – Ready Let’s Go is a play based program that focuses on building the foundational skills a child needs to participate and succeed in a preschool setting.


Our program integrates occupational and speech therapy into regular daily lessons.


We have a large team of speech and language, occupational therapists and physiotherapists who provides daily therapy for the children in small group settings and in pairs. They are highly experienced and trained in special areas such as sensory integration and Floortime, and are collaborative and neurodiversity-affirming in their approach.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Aside from daily therapy and our highly experienced team, our Early Intervention Program also includes:


Physiotherapy is included within our program to children with physical challenges; as well as weekly sports activities.

Music Specialist

Weekly music & movement as part of the program – led by a music specialist who is certified with a degree in Special Education.

We Use AAC

Our program incorporates Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices to enable children to communicate.

Why Choose Us?

ExpatLiving Reader's Choice Award 2022
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Excellence Since 1999

Kaleidoscope is one of the leading and most experienced private therapy centres in Singapore. We are proud to say we have served over 10,000 families over the past 23 years.

All Services Under One Roof

What truly makes us unique is our collaboration and cross-disciplinary learning that happens when everyone works closely together.

The Best Therapists

• Most Experienced: Over 350 years of combined clinical experience within the team

• Best Educated: Therapists and teachers all hold Bachelors degrees, with several also holding Masters degrees and PhDs

Kaleidoscope's Approach


Our approach starts by building a trusting relationship with the child; to respect their choices and preferences. This promotes collaboration that leads to better outcomes.


We have an open-door policy that welcomes parents to participate in therapy sessions. Our goal is to maximise awareness, education & training, so intervention can continue outside the clinic.


Kaleidoscope focuses and harnesses children’s strengths. This increases motivation, builds confidence and provides more opportunities for success across developmental domains.

Kaleidoscope EIP's Difference

Our EIP is designed to address the 5 core developmental domains, as highlighted by the MSF Singapore, using evidence-based interventions, and an interdisciplinary approach. Additionally, we focus on Academic Skills & School Readiness, to ensure best outcomes.

Our Curriculum

Our program addresses the core developmental domains of gross and fine motor skills, cognitive and perceptual skills, communication and language skills, self-help skills, social skills and early academic skills. All of these contribute to school readiness.

Our Support

We guide you into understanding your child better and help transition your child with their changing needs. We offer training each term to ensure parents/caregivers are equipped to help the children. We share goals, techniques and approaches and work collaboratively with parents to ensure that the child’s skills are constantly progressing.

Our Communication

Our staff understand that communication is key to understanding and meeting a child’s needs, so we give constant feedback at drop off and pick up, a weekly update through our learning app, a comprehensive report at the end of each term and a parent-teacher conference with the Head of Program.

We constantly monitor, document and review the progress of each child, and also conduct family/caregiver workshops and training.

What Parents Are Saying About Us

Azmi, Father of Zikri

“As a parent, we completely understand how hard it was at the early stages of looking for a trusted therapy centre that truly understood our child’s needs, and from our experience, we wholeheartedly would definitely recommend Kaleidoscope to other parents who are going through a similar situation as us.


Thank you Kaleidoscope for not only helping Zikri but also for helping us parents to also understand our children better.”

Fiza, Mother of Awsam

“We are beyond blessed to have come across Kaleidoscope’s EIP: Ready Let’s Go for our then 2 and half year old boy.


The therapy and lessons he gets to enjoy everyday of Ready Lets Go has enabled him to reach milestones that we are so grateful for. The friends he made in Ready Let’s Go have helped him to gain confidence and skills in trying to communicate and use his words.


The therapists that have worked with our boy have just been amazing.”

Tamara, Mother of Indi

“I feel like I have been really lucky to have come here, perhaps kismet. This has been an important part of my son’s development to help him succeed.


On the plus side for me, I have also made some great friends through Ready Let’s Go. Meeting the other parents who are going through exactly what you are going through just makes it easier, someone else understands the ups and the downs that you as a parent are going through. So you help the child but also the parents can benefit personally too.


So a huge thank you is in order!!!”

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Our Schedule

We offer a 2 day, 3 day, 4 day or 5 day program to suit your needs. We either have a morning program running 8.30am – 12.00pm or an afternoon program running 1.00pm – 4.30pm.

*per month

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