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Child Psychology Services

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Our psychologists help support children and adolescents with neurodevelopmental challenges; learning difficulties, ADHD, depression, anxiety, behavioral issues as well as trauma and stress-related challenges in and out of an educational setting.


We provide Psycho-Educational Assessments to help children experiencing challenges in school by identifying their unique learning strengths and needs in order to provide recommendations that support their success in school.


Our qualified psychologists are registered with the Singapore Psychological Society to make formal diagnoses for Autism and specific learning differences.

We Help Children With:


Assessment Services

A formal psycho-educational assessment is made up of a series of individually administered tests, designed to evaluate a child’s cognitive ability (IQ) and academic achievement by comparing the child to same-age peers. It can be used to identify if the child has a specific learning difficulty. It also highlights the child’s unique profile of strengths and weaknesses so that suitable recommendations can be made.

Our psychologists are experienced in conducting Autism and ADHD assessments for children and teenagers.

Our assessments are recognized by Ministry of Education (MOE) and International schools.

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Excellence Since 1999

Kaleidoscope is one of the leading and most experienced private therapy centres in Singapore. We are proud to say we have served over 10,000 families over the past 23 years.

All Services Under One Roof

What truly makes us unique is our collaboration and cross-disciplinary learning that happens when everyone works closely together.

The Best Therapists

• Most Experienced: Over 350 years of combined clinical experience within the team

• Best Educated: Therapists and teachers all hold Bachelors degrees, with several also holding Masters degrees and PhDs

Kaleidoscope's Approach


Our approach starts by building a trusting relationship with the child; to respect their choices and preferences. This promotes collaboration that leads to better outcomes.


We have an open-door policy that welcomes parents to participate in therapy sessions. Our goal is to maximise awareness, education & training, so intervention can continue outside the clinic.


Kaleidoscope focuses and harnesses children’s strengths. This increases motivation, builds confidence and provides more opportunities for success across developmental domains.


Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Belinda Teo

Dr. Belinda Teo (Ph.D) is our registered clinical psychologist who obtained her doctoral training in the US by working with individuals across the lifespan (childhood through adulthood). She completed her residency in a state psychiatric hospital for children and adolescents in Michigan specialising in pediatric psychology. Prior to this, she was also a trained teacher and school counsellor with the Ministry of Education, Singapore.

Educational & Developmental Psychologist

Freda Sutanto

Freda Sutanto (MaS) is our registered educational psychologist with a Masters in Psychology (Educational and Developmental) from Monash University, Australia. Since 2008, she has conducted assessments and therapy in various settings, including schools and a pediatric hospital. Prior to commencing tertiary studies in Australia, Freda attended both local and international schools in Singapore and is familiar with both systems and educational approaches.


Chong Ning Xin

Chong Xin Ning (BsC) is our registered educational psychologist with a Masters in Applied Psychology from Nanyang Technological University. Since 2011 Ning has conducted assessments and therapy in both schools and private practice, whilst also lecturing at a local University.


Ning is particularly passionate about helping young people manage anxiety including school anxiety as this is frequently misunderstood and labelled as a ‘behavioural challenge’


Kit Kwan Lim

Kit Kwan Lim is our practising educational psychologist for more than 15 years and have extensive experience in psychological testing, assessment, and intervention. The clientele she work with include those with autism, ADHD, learning differences, intellectual disabilities, behavioural challenges and emotional vulnerabilities. She have practised in both special education, and mainstream, settings.

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